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Image of Habitat Aztec Pod Deck

Habitat Aztec Pod Deck

The Habitat Aztec Pod Team Deck - 8.5" is a high quality skateboard constructed from the finest materials. Habitat is a US based company which manufacture decks with a solid construction, and feature unique Habitat graphics. Whether you like t ....

Image of Habitat GX1000 Deck

Habitat GX1000 Deck

Pay homage to the classics with Habitat's GX1000 deck, featuring: 8.0" Width 31.625" Length 14.25" Wheelbase 7-Ply Maple construction

Image of Habitat Pat O'Rourke Photo Collection 8" Deck

Habitat Pat O'Rourke Photo Collection 8" Deck

• Photography by Pat O'Rourke • Assorted Top Stain Colors • North American Hard Rock Canadian Maple • Includes Standard Black Grip Tape (Optional) • Width 8.0" / Length 31.5" / W.B. 14.0"