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Image of DJI Bike Mount for Osmo

DJI Bike Mount for Osmo

This handy Bike Mount from DJI allows users to mount their Osmo camera onto their bike for a unique perspective and eye-catching footage when filming. Dimensions: 114 × 79 × 29mm. Mounting diameter: 20-32mm. Weight: 106g.

Image of Pentax Bike Mount for WG-3

Pentax Bike Mount for WG-3

The Pentax Bike Mount for WG-3 is used to securely mount your Pentax WG-3 camera to a bike or other tube - such as on a handglider or motorcycle - in order to record your adventures.

Image of Joby Action Bike Mount

Joby Action Bike Mount

Compatible with cameras such as GoPro, Contour and Sony, and offering a broad array of mounting configurations, this GoPro/action video bike mount with optional visibility lights will give you the ideal point of view. Capture your epic adventures with...

Image of Hama Bike Pod I Clamp Tripod

Hama Bike Pod I Clamp Tripod

Designed for shooting action photos or films with digital photo and video cameras. Special fastener for a secure hold, similar to a cable tie, but removable. For handlebars and other round bars with a diameter of up to 3 cm. Rubber coating provides secure...