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Image of Hama "Delta Pro 160" Tripod, 3D

Hama "Delta Pro 160" Tripod, 3D

Panoramic shots macrophotography long exposure times If you want to capture superb shots with no camera shake the "Delta Pro 160" tripod will be exactly the right thing for you It is distinguished by all-weather reliablity and provides secure positioning...

Image of Hama "Delta Pro 180" 2D Tripod

Hama "Delta Pro 180" 2D Tripod

Camera tripod for non-jerky images and a steady hold on uneven surfaces suitable for photo and video camerasthe 2D tilt head allows perfect alignment for landscape shotsQuick-release plate for quickly changing the cameraInverted position allows macrophotographs...

Image of Hama Delta Pro 180 Tripod

Hama Delta Pro 180 Tripod

When capturing any shot, especially when outdoors or on uneven ground, it can be difficult to hold your camera steady using just your bare hands. Stability is essential to photography, with any jerkiness leading to a notable decline in the quality of...