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Image of Hama "Rexton" Camera Filter Case, black

Hama "Rexton" Camera Filter Case, black

What wouldn't you do for the perfect photo? It can easily get dirty windy or wet To ensure you capture epic moments with your filter kit the camera filter pouch offers ideal protection in any situationHama Rexton Camera Filter Bag The Hama Rexton Camera...

Image of Tascam DR44-WL 4-Track Recorder

Tascam DR44-WL 4-Track Recorder

The Tascam DR44-WL 4-Track Recorder is a portable, handheld recorder with Wi-Fi functionality capable of recording four tracks of audio simultaneously. It features built-in professional X-Y stereo mics to ensure high-quality audio recording, XLR/TRS input...

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Image of LuxS Ceiling Track Flash Bracket

LuxS Ceiling Track Flash Bracket

The Lux-S Ceiling Track Flash Bracket is a British made bracket that allows you to mount flash heads correct way up from a ceiling track, ideal for example where the head has a digital readout. It also allows the use of two heads from one pantograph...