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Image of Arizona Sunshine, PS4

Arizona Sunshine, PS4

The zombie apocalypse has never looked so real, immersive and terrifying! Welcome to the sun-baked wastes of the Arizona desert - your location for this exhilarating FPS as you hunt for weapons and ammunition - as well as endeavour to remain alive. Arizona Sunshine has been created from the ground up for VR, with full support for PlayStation Move wands, Dualshock 4 and VR AIM Controllers. Get ready to aim, shoot and reload as hordes of relentless zombies continue to stumble forth, ready to procure your brain, as you strive to find other human survivors. Please note: a PlayStation Plus membership is required to access online multiplayer on the PS4. 3 Need to up your VR game? No matter if you require a Move Controller wand, a PlayStation Camera or a VR Aim Controller for fine-tuned fragging,...

Price: £24.95 from John Lewis

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