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Image of Superhot VR Game for PS4

Superhot VR Game for PS4

Now you can actually step into the incredible time-bending world of Superhot with Superhot VR. Time only moves when you move. No health bar. No conveniently dropped ammo. Just you and your wits battling a maelstrom of slow-motion enemies and bullets heading in your direction. Winner of multiple VR Game of the Year awards, this is the definitive First Person Shooter VR game, and an unforgettable experience. The renowned Superhot game has been reimagined so you can actually be at the pulse-pounding heart of the action. Includes the Superhot Forever update : test your aim where only headshots take enemies down race against your best scores in bullet-time and real time try to complete the game without shooting go hardcore with faster enemies  

Price: £15.95 from John Lewis

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Superhot VR Game for PS4 £15.95 Visit Store

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