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Image of Bananagrams Zip-it

Bananagrams Zip-it

ZIP - IT - A great new word game from the people behind Bananagrams, ZIP-IT is all about making words, fast! Each player starts with 12 cubes, with a letter on each side. Make a crossword grid out of your letter cubes before your opponent can – the first person to use all 12 wins the round. Then mix them up and go again! Features: ZIP-IT (ages 7+) is the new superfast two player game launched by the makers of award winning Bananagrams! ZIP-IT includes 24 beautiful ivory-like letter cubes packaged in a cloth pouch with unique self-scoring zippers, so everything you need is in the bag! No pencil, paper or board needed. The ability to play compactly on an airplane or train tray makes ZIP-IT the ultimate travel game! Each player takes 12 cubes and races to form their own crosswor...

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