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Image of Hasbro Gaming Cranium

Hasbro Gaming Cranium

The Cranium Game is outrageous fun and gives players a chance to show off their talents. Players team up to cruise around the board completing activities in 4 color-coded categories: Creative Cat, Data Head, Star Performer, and Word Worm. One team picks a card from the category that matches their space on the board, and must successfully complete the activity before time runs out. The first team to reach the Cranium Central space and complete one last challenge wins! Players Show Off Their Talents The Cranium Game includes 600 mind (and body) challenges. Players team up and complete hilarious activities from 4 categories. Since the activities span talents, every player can have a chance to show off what they're good at -- whether it's spelling, sculpting, puzzling, acting, or humming. The...

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Image of Hasbro Gaming Cranium Game

Hasbro Gaming Cranium Game

Players can show off their talents. Move around the board completing activities in 4 fun categories. Featuring word play, sketching, sleuthing, acting, and more. Play in teams.

Image of Hasbro Cranium Party Board Game

Hasbro Cranium Party Board Game

Classic Cranium game lets you act, sing, draw or other creative tasks to win points. 400 challenges in 4 categories: Star Performer, Word Worm, Data Head and Creative Cat. Keep advancing around the board by successfully completing challenges. Solve puzzles...

Image of Hasbro Cranium Board Game

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Four different activity categories. New 3 in 1 fold out gameboard. Choose how long you play. 600 cards with 16 activities. 10 sided die.

Image of Hasbro Cranium Game

Hasbro Cranium Game

High quality toys for children all ages. Made using safe materials. Tested for quality and durability.