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War, huh? What is it good for, anyway? Absolutely nothing? Tell that to the North Koreans - they've managed to take over the good ol' USA with a tonne of nuclear weapons on their collective back. America as a nation has fallen, its military in disarray and infrastructure utterly shattered. Without wanting to provoke the Greater Korean Republic, the country's key allies have backed off and decided not to touch the situation with a 40 foot pole. So it's up to the American people to do something about it, in a ravished landscape during the year 2027 where Koreans still patrol the streets. Stadiums have become detention centres, and shopping malls have changed into makeshift warehouses for heavily armoured tanks. The surviving populace of the USA are either prisoners, collaborators or revol...

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Image of Homefront


New. Mint Condition. Dispatch same day for order received before 12 noon. Guaranteed packaging. No quibbles returns.

Image of Homefront [2013] [Blu-ray]

Homefront [2013] [Blu-ray]

Homefront [2013] [Blu-ray] In Good Condition.

Image of Homefront [DVD]

Homefront [DVD]

Homefront - 2-DVD Set ( Home front ). Homefront - 2-DVD Set. Home front.

Image of Homefront: The Revolution Day One Edition (PS4)

Homefront: The Revolution Day One Edition (PS4)

SHOW YOUR COMMITMENT TO THE CAUSE WITH THE REVOLUTIONARY SPIRIT PACK! Strike fear into the hearts of the KPA with the Red Skull motorbike skin and Golden Pistol skin in Campaign, and give your Co-Op character a head-start in Resistance Mode with instant...

Image of Homefront (Xbox 360)

Homefront (Xbox 360)

Discover a terrifyingly plausible near-future world - the familiar has become alien in this nightmare vision of Occupied USA. Fight for a cause - join a cast of memorable characters as your resistance cell wages a guerrilla war against overwhelming military...

Image of Homefront: Revolution

Homefront: Revolution

Homefront: The Revolution (Xbox One) In Good Condition.