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Image of Rubber Band Gun and Target

Rubber Band Gun and Target

This is a smart polished solid wood multishot pistol which fires rubber bands and includes a target.The Wooden Rubber Band Gun is great fun and can load and fire up to 4 rubber bands in quick succession.It also includes ...

Image of John Lewis Rubber Band Vehicles

John Lewis Rubber Band Vehicles

Wind it up and watch it go! This cool kit comes with a range of ultralight parts that enable you to build a working aeroplane, helicopter, fan car, airboat and hydrofoil - all powered by rubber bands! Warning! Long cords - Strangulation hazard. Do not...

Image of Aeroplane


Aeroplane explores the dawn of commercial aviation an exciting era between 1919 and 1939. Experience the difficulties and triumphs of commercial airlines in Europe pioneering airports and service in continental Europe an...