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Image of Smartphone Holder

Smartphone Holder

For securely attaching a smartphone to all holders with a 4-talon locking system With a 4-hole locking system Suitable for devices with a width between 57 and 87 mm Adjustable holding jaws Detachable movable bars

Image of Smartphone Holder 8.2cm 1/4"

Smartphone Holder 8.2cm 1/4"

This holder allows all smartphones to be mounted on tripods with ¼" tripod mount Screw-on universal mount for units without a tripod thread Extremely flexible for a smartphone width from 55 to 82 cm (landscape orientation) Compact design For...

Image of Magnet Alu Universal Smartphone Holder

Magnet Alu Universal Smartphone Holder

This magnetic smartphone holder allows you to quickly mount your smartphone on the ventilation panels of your vehicle The magnetic head as well as the metal plates ensure a minimalistic design and ease of use Metal plates for sticking or inserting between...

Image of Lomography - Smartphone Holder pour LomoKino

Lomography - Smartphone Holder pour LomoKino

allows you to record your cinematic works with your smart phone. bridge the gap between your love for analogue and the digital world.