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Image of AP Valves 25Kg Lift Bag (Dump Valve Self Sealing)

AP Valves 25Kg Lift Bag (Dump Valve Self Sealing)

25kg bright red Lift Bag from AP Valves, with pull-cord over-pressure / dump valve and unique self-sealing internal valve. Inflate at depth using air-gun or DV and the bag will automatically seal preventing accidental loss of buoyancy during lift and...

Image of OMS 125lb Lift Bag

OMS 125lb Lift Bag

The OMS 125lb Lift Bag is a simple open ended lift bag and over 56kg of lift.  A strong webbing strap at the bottom makes it easy to attach the bag to an item and a grab handle at the top makes it easier to control.  Bright orange heavy duty nylon...

Image of Cybex Bravo Lift

Cybex Bravo Lift

The Cybex Bravo Lift features Free Start technology that allows getting into the correct position before any weight is engaged resulting in safer and more effective workouts. The Free Start mechanism enables 30 inches of bilateral start position adjustment,...

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