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Image of ISC High Force Retractor

ISC High Force Retractor

The ISC High Force Retractor is a spring loaded lanyard that attaches to a D-Ring and your gauges holding them close to you while allowing you to pull them away to read your gauges but they will always snap back. A simple plastic clip one end and a pinch-clip...

Image of Cetacea Slate with Retractor

Cetacea Slate with Retractor

The Cetacea Slate with Retractor is a compact slate with a spring loaded retractor that keeps it close to your body but can be easily pulled out sou you can write on it.  With a pencil attached by surgical tubing so you can't lose it.   Slate measures...

Image of ISC Medium Force Locking Retractor

ISC Medium Force Locking Retractor

The ISC Medium Force Locking Retractor is an automatic lanyard that will hold your gauges, camera or gadget close to your body so it won't drag but you can pull it out easily, let go and it will snap back to where you clipped it. For cameras the retractor...