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Image of Scubapro No Zip 6.5mm Boots

Scubapro No Zip 6.5mm Boots

The Scubapro 6.5mm Kids Boots have no zipper to rub against ankles but do have an easy Velcro closure. The tough but flexible sole adds plenty of grip to the bottom and the reinforced toe and heel caps increase the lifespan of the boot from usual wear.

Image of Scubapro Delta 5mm Boots

Scubapro Delta 5mm Boots

The Scubapro Delta 5 Boots are a soft sole boot with a long zipper for a comfortable boot that's easy to get on and off. 5mm of neoprene will keep your feet nice and warm and covers your feet all the way up to your calves so your wetsuit will overlap...

Image of Scubapro Delta Short 3mm Boots

Scubapro Delta Short 3mm Boots

The Scubapro Delta 3mm Short Boots are a shorter, thinner slipper for warm waters without any zippers or velcro. The low-cut design make them comfortable and easy to don and doff with a soft sole that can move with your feet.   Protecting your feet while...