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Image of Scubapro K5 Knife

Scubapro K5 Knife

The Scubapro K5 Knife has an 11cm stainless steel blade with fine hollow ground cutting edge, opposite serrated edge and a notch for line cutting. Ergonomic contoured handle: Well in hand with gloved or bare hands. Injection molded sheath and two quick...

Image of Scubapro SK21 Knife

Scubapro SK21 Knife

The Scubapro SK21 Knife is a steel alloy knife with a soft touch inlay handle with a precision straight cutting edge, a serrated edge for thicker lines and a line hook for fishing line.  The SoftTouch inlay gives you a secure grip even when wet and wearing...

Image of Scubapro SK75 Knife

Scubapro SK75 Knife

The Scubapro SK75 Knife is a small and handy knife made from Titanium, making it light, strong and corrosion free.  A truly practical knife that you don't have to worry about washing and drying after every dive the SK75 is small enough not to be cumbersome...